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My name is Sharon Jones-Matthews, CEO/Founder of The Wish List Depot.  When ever I am talking to a perspective  donor the  one question I get the most is  ”Where  did  the name Wish List Depot come from?”


My response is alway the same ”from a teacher at my grandsons school”.  My grandson’s teacher sent home a classroom wish list full of needed supplies. I  started thinking.  If this teacher has a wish list for school supplies and classroom supplies at  her school, what happens to the wish list from the teachers who are teaching in the schools where over 98% of the students receive free and reduce lunches and their parents do not have the means to support a wish list?  Seeking answers became a personal journey.  This journey is how The Wish List Depot got its start in 2008.


The Wish List Depot Free Store  open in 2011 and  is a place where students and teachers wishes for classroom and school supplies come true.  Teachers spend as much as $1,000 to $1,200 of their personal income each year on school supplies for their students and  classrooms.


While individual supplies are requested for each grade level at the beginning of the school year, these  supplies do not  last the entire school year.  Teachers them began to send home there Wish List for  help with classroom and school supplies.   These supplies include composition notebooks, tissues, paper towels, markers, extra pencils, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, extra glue sticks, educational games, craft supplies, dry erase markers, and much more.


Support our teachers and their students Wish List by donating to the The Wish List Depot, where teachers shop  free.



Sharon  Jones-Matthews.